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Renowned Art Worldwide (RAWW) consists of talented individuals who share a great passion for everything artistic. We use the language of art, media and a blend of performances in a unique form to build culturally transgressive new works…

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Army x Fidzo

Army: “Therapy Sessions is what happens when mental health meets creativity. This project challenged me in ways my past work wasn’t able to. Me and Fidzo were both dealing with things affecting our mental health and we chose to use rap as a vehicle to vent and begin the healing process. This is the best project I’ve ever created and been apart of. This was therapy for me.”

Fidzo: “Shits Dope!”



Its here! @Fidzo_cns' anticipated Mixtape #INTHEMEANTIME gives his fans just enough to hold them over while feeding the ears what they so desperately need to hear. With bangers like "Bad Guy" featuring Renowned Arts very own O-$tar, its evident Fidz is taking no prisoners- making sure to cover the streets and the politics as usual.
Soulful tracks like “Art On My Walls” gives you that nostalgic New York feel. He made sure to stay to true to his sound while incorporating some new elements for an even more #RAWW sound! If you are a fan of his previous works, you will definitely love where this project takes you.



#RAWWRadio is an unfiltered conversation for listeners to hear directly from the creatives and artists that shape the culture. This series features established & up-and-coming artists who speak on sports, music, pop culture, world events, business politics, and spiritual journeys.


Episode 3: Ambitionz az a ridah

Join us as we sit down with helmet designer and entrepreneur @BespokeBikelife and discuss everything from the prison system to running a successful business.


Episode 2: Taylor MAde

Featuring @NatashaTaylor. An emerging NYC self taught fashion designer. Tune in as we discuss her entrepreneurial journey and creative process.


Episode 1 : The Tip Off

Welcome to RAWWRadio’s first episode . Get acquainted with the team and our vision for the future!